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The company MORAVIATEX s.r.o. with the set up in 2003 may be ranked among relatively young companies but its true history dates back to year 1994.
The main activity of our company is production of knitwear, one-sided, double-sided, filling, pique, jacquard, ribbed, terry, patent, finerib and we also produce collars and ports.
In the production of weaving knits we process different types of yarn but mainly cotton, organic cotton, cotton with Lycra, mixture of cotton / modal blends, cotton / polyester, bamboo viscose, polyester, polypropylene, Kevlar, antistatic fibers, etc.
The knitwear is particularly suitable for the production of casual wear, functional - sportswear, children's, promotional and special working protective clothing, etc.

We offer all the assortment of knitwear both in the modified - dyed form as well as in rough state, all after agreement with the customer.
Our color card now contains about 400 shades and is constantly complemented by new colors according to the fashion trends.
In addition, it is possible to customize the color according to the customer's request and sample and also to select it according to the Pantone textile color card (with 6 digit code).

Besides the monochromatic knits, we also produce knitted yarns, striped in many styles and printed with large-format printing or custom digital printing. Within the technical capabilities of our machinery, we always try to meet the requirements of our customers.
We continuously modernize the machinery park. For example, in the production of elastic knits, it is important to cut the sleeve directly in the machine and scroll in the full width (so there is no fixation of the crease in the sides of the sleeve).

Different special treatments can be applied to knits, such as Sanitized, micro-capsules with gradually releasing fragrance, or anti-tick or mosquito preparations that last a few washings.
While dying the materials we use dyes that meet the requirements of ECO-TEX Standart 100. The knits are tested in ITC Zlin according to the Decree No. 84/2001 Sb and it meets the hygienic requirements for products for children under 3 years of age.

Our main goal:
To offer to our customers a Czech product in the highest quality, in a short time and at the attractive price.

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MORAVIATEX pletárna s.r.o.
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